PROTEX SoftCare Pads

Hers PROTEX SoftCare Pads


Be Clean; Feel Comfort from Hers PROTEX SoftCare Maxi Pads. Get extra protection during menstrual periods with Hers PROTEX SoftCare Pads. The absorbent core of Hers PROTEX SoftCare Pads manages flow better, so you can move through your day comfortably and confidently. These leak protection Hers PROTEX SoftCare Pads are easy to use and easy to remove. For those “heavy flow” days all you need is Hers PROTEX SoftCare Maxi Pads for protection and comfort.

Hers PROTEX SoftCare Maxi Wings

Stay clean, dry, and fresh all day long! Hers PROTEX Maxi Wings gives you absorbency for even your busiest days. It’s wings help your pad stay put. Choose Hers PROTEX SoftCare maxi Wings Pad for clean, comfortable, feminine protection that moves with you.

Each Hers PROTEX SoftCare pads has been UV Sterilized. They have been specially designed with U-LOCK shape, to help prevent leakage. It also has AIR SOFT surface for comfortable wear against irritation.

Hers PROTEX SoftCare Maxi Pads Keeps the surface of the pad soft and dry and also has high absorption which gives comfort all day long. It ensures that the pad is always in place and does not crumple with leak-proof lining and has the ability to absorb and hold large volume of liquid. 

So don’t let your period take over all your plans; Be Clean, Feel Comfort with Hers PROTEX SoftCare Maxi Pads