Kuat Dishwashing Paste

KUAT Harimau Dish Washing Paste

When it comes to washing dishes by hand, you want a detergent that gets the job done and there is no better dishwashing paste than KUAT Harimau Dish washing paste

It cuts through tough grease and removes all types of grimes.

KUAT Harimau Dish Washing Paste is gentle to your hands and very effective on greasy pots and pans. Just a little dap gets the job done good. Worried about hidden dirts in the corners of your utensils, cups and plates; KUAT Harimau Dish Washing Paste will be perfect for the task. 

KUAT Harimau Dish Washing Paste comes in 4 variants that has amazing cleaning components.

  • Lemon
  • Lime
  • Micro Scrubbers with Baking Soda
  • Power Cleaner with Vinegar

No more stubborn greasy dishes and oily pots and pans; make KUAT Harimau Dish Washing Paste your favourite kitchen must-have and let it do its magic.