FRES Fine Fragrance Soap

FRES Fine Fragrance Soap

FRES Fine Fragrance Soap is made from 100% vegetable oil instead of animal fat like most soaps in the market. 

FRES Fine Fragrance Soap has coconut oil that helps moisturise and replenishes the skin with nutrients and minerals, without drying. It’s also Nonirritating and has a long-lasting fragrance scent.

FRES Fine Fragrance Soap provides classic freshness and a pleasant, long-lasting scent with every bath. It doubles up as a deodorant and keeps body odour away. FRES Fine Fragrance Soap keeps you feeling fresh and clean through the day. It is easy to grip and lathers well with water. FRES Fine Fragrance Soap comes with skin conditioners like glycerin and coconut oil that leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated. Each wash ensures lasting freshness all day long.

FRES Fine Fragrance Soap comes in 3 variants:

  • Morning Dew
  • Luminous Beauty
  • Silky Smooth


Experience the fresh without the frills and the healthy feeling skin with FRES Fine Fragrance Soap.