Boom Laundry Detergent

BOOM Fresh And Bright All Temperature Laundry Detergent.

This Detergent is amongst the top premium Brand imported out of Indonesia. BOOM Superior quality Effective cleaning power for Laundry Detergent is one of the leading Detergents in the country.

BOOM Fresh and bright Laundry detergent has great cleaning power & efficiently remove stubborn stains. It also contains a fresh fragrance scent that keeps your clothes smelling nice all day long. It is also gentle to the skin and it adds softness to you laundry.

Boom Fresh and Bright laundry detergent comes in Two Fragrances; Original and Lemon. Original has a long lasting fresh smell and for those lemon lovers a little extra fresh fragrance scent for your clothes which also keeps your clothes smelling fresh all day long.

BOOM fresh and bright Laundry Detergent is designed for all water temperatures. It can be used in HOT, WARM and COLD temperatures as per your need. Only 1 cup is required for a normal load and a cup and half for the Large Loads. NO need to add more than required as it will give you the same effective fresh ad bright result.

In this age and era it is very important to be Environmentally Friendly. BOOM Fresh and Bright Laundry Detergent has designed to reduce the amount of phosphorus entering our waterways. It has only 7.8g per wash which makes the powder strong and effective and at the same time safer for our environment. The surfactants in BOOM are biodegradable, which helps eliminate suds and foaming problems in our waterways and streams as well. The Box Packaging is also made with recycled Paperboards.

BOOM fresh and Bright laundry detergent comes in various convenient sizes per your need. From 130g all the way to 3kg pack.

BOOM fresh and bright is used and loved by many households in Fiji. Its freshness has spread throughout the country.